“Mastering the English Art of Picture Description”


Explaining situations, food, travels, experiences, works of art, or anything else is a great way to improve your English and vocabulary. Feel free to use the words, phrases and phrases that you think best fit the situation. Plus, it gives you the chance to impress your audience with your fluency.

As an online English tutor, I often receive requests such as ‘How can I improve my communication skills’ and ‘Is there a way to improve my vocabulary?’. Our answer to such questions is simple. The best way to learn English is to practice. We can provide you with hundreds of books and study materials, but they are all wasted if you don’t practice speaking English. I will teach you how to express yourself and impress your interlocutor. There are many things to keep in mind when explaining something. The tense to use, the choice of words, the details you want to emphasize, etc. Needless to say, make sure your sentences and phrases are grammatically correct. This rule applies to all English practice.

Rules for explaining pictures

• Understanding pictures: How can you explain what you know nothing about yourself? Look at the image carefully before trying to explain it. Go into the details and try to understand them. See it from the viewer’s point of view. What is the most attractive thing about this photo? What facts should be emphasized in the photo? Keep in mind the answers to such questions. It will surely help you to explain the picture easily.

• Preparing the content: Before you start your presentation, make a rough plan of how you will start your presentation. Not only that, but prepare the main body and the conclusion. This will help you make sentences easily once you start describing the images.

• Research: When describing a picture, you need to collect a lot of information. The year it was drawn, the artist, the presence or absence of a story, the type of paint or canvas, the style of painting, etc. However, collecting all this information gives us a lot of facts that make the explanation interesting.

• General Information: Whether you are describing a photograph or a painting, there is common information that should be used in your description. Prepare a brief description that briefly describes the place, event, or situation depicted in the photograph or painting. Also briefly state what you can see

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